About Stockport Yurt

Why is listening and storytelling so important?

Throughout the week our team will be there to listen to the stories of the people of Stockport. Listening is a radical engagement; it is deeply relational and transformative. The listener cannot help but be changed by what they hear and listening transforms whole communities.

Safe spaces are needed within our communities for listening to take place; Churches are listening places however they are often closed, and when open appear to be only for certain people or there are no people around with time to listen to them. Listening require the blocking out of the distractions and busy-ness of daily demands, worries and pressures; it requires the letting go of preconceptions and prejudices, and the giving up of control of what is said and what is heard.

Listening requires us to make ourselves vulnerable, to be open to share our stories and to listen to what is shared. Listening requires that we meet each other where we are and not where we want or expect each other to be.

The Yurt

A yurt is a moveable tent based on the traditional structures used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The word “Yurt” originally referred to the imprint left in the ground after the tent had been moved. The symbolism of the Yurt is powerful within a Christian context which is rooted in telling stories, crossing borders and healing.

As we tell our stories we leave an imprint on those who have listened which connects us, and that very relationship which is created in telling and listening can be a very important part of transforming and healing that which is broken and I helping us to “move on” to a new and more hopeful place.

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